Tuesday, February 27, 2007

CeCe refuses to die

I was too tired to include (and no doubt you would have been too tired to read) these items in my last post:

I don't often find a button I'm perfectly content to commit to. What works well when I accessorize with black won't necessarily look so hot when I'm wearing brown, etc., etc. Or what if I'd like to close my cardi with a broach some evening? And then there's the whole issue of button washability to consider.

So...I was particularly happy to be reminded recently about options for temporary buttons. Here's what I did for CeCe: I paired a nice fashion button with a small, flat, clear button and made something like a cuff link. The ribbing was stretchy enough to accommodate the little button (i.e., no buttonhole was required where I would have normally sewn on the button), so I was lucky. I simply measured the thickness of the overlapped button bands and made the shank (out of a few plies of my yarn) that long. Lovely.

I have one regret, too. I wish I had made the top portions of the button band (the parts Bonne Marie has you knit separately and then sew to the back neckline) shorter. I thought I was doing a good job of following the pattern's instructions to knit them so they would need to stretch slightly, but apparently I was too timid in my interpretation. The band along that section wants to stand up a bit and wave. I wish it were less friendly.

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