Friday, May 11, 2007

Another Friday, another birthday party

It's Offspring the Younger's turn to be off to a slumber party. We made the entire gift this time. It consists of a totebag:

This is made from two florals from Erin McMorris' Urban Garden line for Free Spirit and a tonal paisley from the Tiddley Winks line by Arrin Turnmire for Moda. Offspring the Younger chose these from the offerings at Bolt. All three were great fabrics to work with and this was a fun project. I intend to try it again with some modifications.

We also made this fun little guy:

He's based on the wonderfully clear free pattern at BitterSweet. We will be making many more of these, I'm sure!


Kathy said...

I love that bag! And the bird is just plain adorable. Did you do the crochet, or did your daughter work on it? I could see it going either way :-)

Meghan said...

Yah after the socks we saw Younger working on at knit night I can totally imagine her crocheting that cute bird! Love the bag too, I may have to haul out my sewing machine one of these days.

scribblearts said...

Thanks!! I crocheted this particular bird; the offspring did the felt bits.

OTY can crochet, but strongly prefers knitting. OTE, on the other hand, would rather crochet than knit. She's very keen to tackle this pattern.

Meghan said...

Miss ya! Come back soon (or later or whenever, it's your blog after all) Hope you're having fun. =)