Saturday, June 2, 2007

We have an FO, folks

Socks for Offspring the Elder
Fixation, color 9205, about 1 3/4 balls
Needles: Clover 7-inch No. 4 (3.5 mm) bamboo dpns, 5
Pattern: Cobbled together from various sources. Two-by-two ribbed leg, slip-stitch heel flap. I began the gusset by knitting through the back of the stitches I picked up along the flap. (I love this little touch, which I find both functional and attractive.) Basic toe, grafted closed. (We are not a family of pointy-footed people. I like to start toes late and end them short and wide.)

Accommodating-crazy-knitting-parent pose (what? they didn't teach that in your yoga class?):

I'm not sure about Fixation. Sometimes it was fine to knit; other times it was a real pain (literally). I was never quite certain about my tension, which felt like it was all over the map but continued to look reasonably consistent.

We'll have to see how it wears. For now, OTE seems pleased.


Kathy said...

Lovely! And I especially like the accommodate crazy knitting parent pose. They *should* teach that in yoga class.

One thing to know about Fixation is that it shrinks a bit with washing (unless you go cold, air dry). I didn't know this with my first pair and was surprised. Not the easiest stuff to knit with at all times, but I do love the stretch.

PS - could you email me, por favor?

Meghan said...

*waves* I also like the yoga pose. It kinda seems like I just agree with Kathy anytime I leave you a comment :P Oh here's something original! I like the heel flap contrast! There now I feel like a human being capable of independent thought! And apparently I use lots of !! Hmmm must be a cold medicine high.