Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Offspring the Younger has been exploring needle felting and was interested in getting some instruction. I understand only the basic principles. Clearly, a class was in order.

Elaine Marcus periodically teaches needle felting at our LYS, the Naked Sheep Knit Shop. The multitalented Elaine (who is also a doctor, which I suppose might come in handy when dealing with these wicked barbs) did not disappoint. (Please, do not judge her by my halting first attempts. I suck at 3D design.) OTY and I highly recommend her class, which was packed with information and liberally seasoned with wit. Seriously, if you are anywhere near Portland, check it out!

Mutant leaf:

5.1.2008 013

Ornament? At any rate, an easy project that is build over a styrofoam ball:

5.1.2008 0155.1.2008 014

Other students, also novices, turned out jaw-droppingly gorgeous creations, including an incredibly realistic strawberry and voluptuous blossoms. OTY fashioned an adorable polar bear, for which I have no photographic evidence. Apologies!

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