Monday, September 10, 2007

See? It wasn't a fluke.

Here I am again. I know you'll want to stop the presses.

I'm going to do my best to reconstruct the more interesting bits of my summer. There was at least one sewing project--a tote bag for my aunt--that flew by before I could document it. Otherwise, I was pretty good about hanging on to their tail feathers long enough to snap a parting photo.

These were for my mum's birthday at the beginning of August:
8.2.07 008

8.2.07 009
The color is truer in the second photo.

This project was such a pleasure, even though the schedule was crazy. The pattern, of course, is Cookie A.'s famous Monkey. Really, it's as good as everyone says. I had fun substituting an eye of partridge heel (my first) and I used a smaller needle size than called for on the heel and foot (so it wouldn't wear out too quickly), but I made no other changes. The yarn is Fearless Fibers' 100% Superwash Merino Wool. I'd wanted to order some for such a long time. I certainly wasn't disappointed. The shading is exquisite and the hand is soft, but lively, too. Go get yourself some!

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Meghan said...

I love that color! I just took a dying class over the weekend and now every time I see a beautiful colorway I want to try something similar. I guess I'm a yarn plagiarist!